North Cyprus’s fantastic combination of long days, plenty of sunshine, undisturbed natural surroundings and fantastic coastal views makes it ideal year-round destination for activities.


There are several interesting caves which await exploration in North Cyprus. One of these natural caves is the Güvercinlik Cave near Alevkayasi in Girne, but access to the cave involves some fairly difficult climbing, so proceed with caution. There are three more caves in the Gazimağusa area, the most beautiful of which is the Incirli Cave, a hundred meter long passage cloaked with a beautiful assortment of stalactites and stalagmites. The cave is open on Sundays (or by special arrangement with the village muhtar) and there is a small fee to enter. The Gastro Cave between Kuruova and Kaleburnu villages is a man made cave containing three rooms - and nearby, there is also the ominously named Execution Cave, near Kaleburnu, where there is said to be a golden earthenware jar hidden somewhere. There is one cave however, known as the Hot Cave, north of the Ağirdağ village on the southern slopes of the Five Finger Mountains that you should not try to enter, as it is a partially collapsed natural formation which emanates hot air.


North Cyprus’ spectacular landscape and year-round warm climate makes it an ideal for paragliding. Most paragliding companies offer both tandem-flying for beginners and longer paragliding holidays, where you can learn to ride the thermals and enjoy the freedom of the skies. Most companies also collect and return passengers to and from Girne to the main take-off site, which is just west of St. Hilarion Castle, as well as providing full English-language instruction and insurance.

bullet Highline Air Tours:

If you prefer to go solo flying in North Cyprus, you must team up with an established company, who will give their names to the authorities, and fly with a local guide. These companies offer equipment rental, and provide up to four flights a day, weather permitting.


There are several official camping sites in the Girne and Gazimağusa areas which offer services such as showers, toilets, restaurants and bars. However, the more intrepid traveller may wish to venture out to more rural areas, where there are no such facilities. There are no restrictions on such activities, except that lighting fires in forested areas is an offence.


bullet Iskele: Onur Camping
bullet Kaplica: Kaplica Camping
bullet Kumyali: Pelikan Camping
bullet Lapta: Incirli Camping
bullet Salamis: Salamis Camping
bullet Yeni Erenköy: Yeni Erenköy (Belediye) Camping.


North Cyprus is ideal for cycling enthusiasts of all abilities as the natural terrain is plentiful and most roads are uncrowded outside of the main towns. There are no restrictions to cycling, so you can enjoy exploring freely across varied terrains – and the region offers a superb year-round climate, especially between October and April, when the temperature varies between 15°C and 25°C.

There is plenty to explore in North Cyprus - from deserted pine clad tracks and challenging hill climbs around the Five Finger Mountain Range to the friendly white-washed Mediterranean villages and incredible coastal views – as well as great ways to enjoy the evenings, with tantalising meals of fresh local produce and a warm Turkish Cypriot welcome wherever you stay.


North Cyprus’s fantastic combination of long days, plenty of sunshine, undisturbed natural surroundings and fantastic coastal views make it an ideal year-round golfing destination.

There are two golf courses in North Cyprus:

bulletKorineum Golf and Country Club (Esentepe)
The Korienum is a professional 18-hole golf course and golf academy built to international standards. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Beşparmak (Five Finger) Mountains in Esentepe, near Girne, golfers can enjoy stunning sea views and a magnificent golf course that has been carved from a natural forest of Umbrella Pines and Olive trees.
bulletCMC Golf Club (Guzelyurt)
At Guzelyurt, some 30 miles west of Kyrenia and bordering the coast in lovely surroundings, is Northern Cyprus' only golf course. The CMC Golf Club is open every day to the public. Clubs are available for hire at the clubhouse and the best days to meet and play with the local members are Tuesdays and Thursdays. To hire please call: +90-392-771 7422

Horse Riding

To really explore pleasures of the rustic North Cyprus countryside, you may like to try horse riding. Many of the clubs in North Cyprus offer lessons and trekking excursions through the mountains, with picnics and visits to historical sights included in the price.

Currently there are three riding clubs offering tours and training.


Çatalköy Riding Club (Catalkoy - Girne)
Located 45 minutes east of Girne, the Çatalköy Riding Club offers professional and fully guided riding holidays, mainly through the Beşparmak (Five Finger) Mountain Range, with picnic activities and visits to historical sights. Lessons are also available for beginners. The trekking holidays include stays in comfortable accommodation and organised catering.


Tunac Riding Club (Karaoglanoglu - Girne)
Situated in Karaoğlanoğlu, Girne, this riding club is home to 42 horses. The club is ideal for lessons and certified courses, with its well-sized paddock. The club also can arrange guided tours with picnics. Tel: + 90 392 822 23 93 - 90 392 822 28 68


Cyprus Gardens Holiday Village (Iskele - Gazimagusa)
Horse riding is one of this village’s many attractions; home to 17 horses, visitors can participate in guided tours around the village or take lessons in the holiday village.
Tel: + 90 392 371 25 52 - 90 392 371 27 22

Walking, Hiking & Trekking

There are a myriad of wonderful walking trails in North Cyprus and its mountains, which are best explored in the cooler spring and autumn seasons when the countryside and wild flowers are blooming - in spring, the mountains are rich with a rhapsody of woodland flowers, and some 220 species of birds touch down on the island every year on their migratory passage.

Hiking tours for people of all ages and physical disposition are organized by a number of centers in the Girne area generally conducted in the Girne mountain range. One particular tour party, organized by "Mountain Climbing Sport Association", meets every Sunday between October and the end of April, and twice a month (again on Sundays) between the summer months from May to the end of September. During the winter, the tour program is published at the beginning of every month explaining the route and where to meet etc. All walks, as well as being good exercise, endeavour to show walkers interesting natural and historical features. The tours generally start at 7.30 am and finish between 10 and 11 am. It is essential that you wear proper grooved walking shoes. You must also take your own water, and a hiking stick is advisable.

Join local walking tours with a knowledgeable guide to best experience the abundance of local wildlife. Most hotels and tour operators can arrange a walking tour from your hotel, or can advise you about other organized tours.


The ZET International Karting Circuit, which exceeds the highest European standards and has one of the best racing surfaces in the region, has become a frequent stop for the fans of the sport since its opening on the 20th of May 2000.

This remarkable structure which is un-matched even in Europe and is expected to contribute immensely to the Karting sport, provides drivers with 5 different racing distances, namely 300, 600, 900, 1100 and 1200 meters.

The asphalt platform is 7 meters wide and has sand and earth barriers. Tel:(+90 533) 866 6173)


In less than a decade, the sport of paintball has become one of the world's most exciting outdoor participation sports. Paintball is played in over two dozen countries by millions of men and women of all ages, races and lifestyles.

Paintball is a combination of the childhood games of "Tag" and "Hide and Seek", but much more challenging and sophisticated. Although there are many different styles of games, typically a group of players will divide into two teams to play "Capture the Flag". The object of the game is to capture the opposing team's flag while preventing them from capturing your own. As you attempt to capture the flag, you can also eliminate opposing players by tagging them with a paintball expelled from a special CO2-powered paintball gun. Games usually have a time limit of 15 to 30 minutes depending on the type of game being played. Win or lose, everyone has a great time and there's always the next game waiting for you.

A paintball is a round, thin-skinned gelatin capsule with coloured liquid inside it. When a player is tagged bye a paintball, the thin gelatin skin splits open, and the liquid inside leaves a bright "paint" mark (or a "splat" mark). A player who is marked by a paintball is eliminated from the current game. The "paint", which is non-toxic, non-caustic, water-soluble and biodegradable, rinses out of clothing and off of skin with mild soap and water.

Paintball is a very safe sport when the safety rules are followed. Players must always wear special goggles and masks, made specifically for paintball, to protect their eyes and faces during the game and while in any area where shooting of paintballs is permitted, such as the target range. Paintball guns are tested with a chronograph to ensure the paintballs do not exceed a safe speed (generally 300 fps). Referees are on the field to control the game, enforce rules of safety and fair play, and assist players with their equipment.

Paintball is a sport played by people from all professions and lifestyles. It is a sport where men and women compete equally, and where age is not dominated by youth. Physical size and strength are not nearly as important as cunning and determination. Being able to think quickly and decisively and good sportsmanship is what makes you a winner. Above all, paintball is fun. It's a chance to relax from your day-to-day responsibilities and rekindle your spirit of adventure.


TRNC Shooting Federation was first born in 1974 under the name of Hunting and Shooting Federation. In 1996 Hunting and Shooting was divided into two different federations, Hunting Federation and Shooting Federation,which is the Federation standing now.

According to the embargo which is held against TRNC, we are not able to participate in any international competitions, which we have been struggling for many years. Considering all these negativity, we are still continuing to stand on our own feet.

Shooting in TRNC is done with the rules of ISSF and International norms with international, modern and high technology ranges. Gonyeli Shooting Range has Trap Range, Trap-Skeet Range, Compaq Sporting Range, Skeet Range and Magosa Shooting Range has Trap Range and Skeet Range.